Ulundu vada - Best Indian Recipes


Urud dhal – 1 cup

Green chillies – 3

Ginger – 1/2 inch

Curry leaves – few

Salt – to taste


Soak urud dhal by adding enough water. The dhal has to be soaked for somewhere between 1 to 3 hrs (longer the better).

Now wash the dhal.

Grind urud dhal, green chillies, ginger together by adding enough water little by little. If too much water is added to the batter, vadai will absorb lot of oil. Remember to get soft vadai the technique is to grind the vadai batter perfectly. The batter should resemble the consistency of whipped cream. Add curry leaves to the vadai batter.

The salt is to be added to the vadai batter just before when we start to make the vadai. Salt added to the batter and left for a long time will make the batter consistency little watery.

Keep oil in the kadai and heat it.

Take a thick plastic sheet for the size of your palm and place it in your hand. Take a small sized batter, place in the plastic sheet on your hand, flatten it a little and make a whole in the centre with your finger and put it in the oil. Keep water in a bowl next to you by adding a pinch of bicorbante soda and keep dipping your hands inside it everytime when you take the vadai batter to make vadai, so that the batter doesn’t get stuck to your hands and it comes out from the plastic sheet in a clean way. Bicorbanate soda in the bowl of water will make the outer layer of the vadai crisp.

Fry the vadai thorughly by turning occasionally. Once fried remove from heat and place it on the strainer.